Sunday, December 20, 2009

Charlie & The Bedtime Routine

I was so proud of my Charlie when we got him a big boy bed just before his 2nd birthday. He always had good sleeping habits, but I wasn't sure what he would do once he found he had freedom from the bars of a crib. For the first month or so, he did awesome. He would ask Daddy if he could go nite nite and crawl up into his bed after giving Mommy a hug and kiss. Then, somebody must have told him that he should start exercising his free will some more!

For the last several weeks, Mike puts him to bed and within 5 minutes, he is up. And he is such a sneak, thinking he is going to get away with something spectacular. He gets up quiet as a mouse, tiptoes to his door, opens it VERY slowly, then thinks about coming into the hall, then actually comes into the hall, and quietly closes his door. Then, he begins to look for us. He spots us, scurries over our way, and smiles the biggest smile you have ever seen, saying "I just woke up." I say, "No, you did not wake up, because you never were asleep!" It is so hard to discipline him, but we must be consistent. We send him back to bed and he repeats this scenario until one or two spankings later, he gives up and stays in his bed.

The other nite I tried to explain to him that if he "really needed something", he could get out of bed and tell me, but otherwise he should stay in bed. Well, that little smarty pants, gets up from his bed, runs out to see me, and I say "why are you out of bed?", he says, "Mommy, I need something." I ask, "What do you need?" He says "I need something."

On a positive note, the last couple of nights have been better, with him only getting up once or twice instead of five times or more. I am praying that we will be rewarded as a result of our consistency in discplining.

Sometimes recently, I have spotted him talking to his Mickey Mouse stuffed animal. He says, "Mickey, get in bed. Close your eyes. I spank you. Don't get up." Hilarious.

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