Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kelly the Pig

So, here's how I turned into a pig last night...I was driving home, very tired, and very hungry. I picked up Charlie and he was snoozing in the backseat. I had already given much thought to what I wanted to eat for dinner, considering hubby was working very late. I was headed for Dairy Queen. I knew exactly what I wanted. And I deserved it, right? Being "in the motherly way" can really change your perspective. I thought, next time I am pregnant, I will always eat good and work out. But when you feel like you are gonna barf and only certain things sound have to eat it right? Well, I arrived at the drive thru. There it was, a stupid piece of paper taped to the intercom that said "no credit cards. our machine is broken". I NEVER have cash! I tried to convince the poor fellow on the other side of the intercom that I needed some DQ and that there must be a way for me to get it. All he said was "sorry." I called my hubby in tears! As an afterthought, this was probably a little too much emotion for such an instance as this. My husband encouraged me to go to the ATM and pay the extra $1.50, after all, I NEEDED it. So, I went to the ATM. Well, that was a fiasco. The machine ate my card and gave me no cash. Someone came to help me, and this was very nice, except for the cigarette smoke that she blew in my I was really ready to spew. Finally, I had my cash and was off to DQ. Well, the guy with the intercom must have recognized my voice (surely I hadn't been whiny?). He said, "so, you're back". And here is the part that turned me into a pig...I ordered exactly what I wanted...chili cheese dog, 4 piece chicken strip basket, and ice cream with peanut butter sauce. I was too hungry too wait until I got home, after all it was 5 miles away. I ate the toast from the basket...might I add that it was dripping in butter. Then, I scarfed a few fries. When I got home, Charlie woke up and helped me eat the chicken strips and ice cream, but I did not share my chili cheese dog...only because Charlie didn't want it...and I DID. Funny, I had just sworn that I would never eat a chili cheese dog again, after almost getting sick a few weeks back. So, last night you can easily see that I turned into a pig. I think I am back to myself for now...until the next hunger pain hits...yikes!