Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Memorable Moments

Most recently, Charlie (21 months) has become quite entertaining. He is always doing something that I want to "capture" in my memory forever. I am constantly thanking God for picking me to be his Mom. Here are some "memorable moments" that I am going to attempt to capture:

Dissappointing Marshmellow Moment

While exploring Mommy and Daddy's bathroom, Charlie came across a ziplock back of jumbo cottonballs. He was super excited, thinking he had hit the jackpot of marshmellows. He begged me to help him open the bag of "mellows". I hesitantly let him in the bag. He retrieved one of the white balls and put it up to his mouth. If you think the face that he made was funny, it was even funnier when he went in for another, thinking he had just gotten a bad marshmellow the first time around!

Maybe I Did Teach Him Something Moment

The babysitter, Iris, called today to brag on my son. That is music to a mother's ears. She asked the three boys at the table to be easy with the toy cars so that they did not go flying off the table. The other boys continued to play, but Charlie looked up as said "Yes Man". After a zillion times of asking him to say "Yes Ma'am" I will have to give him credit for this one. Good boy Charlie.

Mr Responsible Moment

We were taking a walk earlier tonight and went to get the mail. Charlie was very curious doing zig zags up and down our long driveway, trying to see what all he could explore. On the way back, he was in charge of carrying one piece of mail (just an advertising for those of you wondering). About half way up the hill, he saw something interesting in the grass, left his mail on the driveway and departed on a mission. He wandered and inspected a few bugs before returning to the driveway. During his excursion, I had picked up his piece of mail and combined it with the rest of the stack. When he returned, he kept spinning circles, looking on the ground, and saying "mail, mail, mail" in a frantic manner. It took me a few moments to realize, he was coming back for his mail...after all it was his responsibility - ha.

OCD Moment

As I understand many children do, Charlie has become quite happy with certain amounts of routine in his life. In the morning, I come to his room, he hands me his blanky, hands me Mickey, and then says "Charlie" as if to ensuate that he might be forgotten. The other day, I acted like I was walking away with just the blanket and Mickey in tow, he said "Mommy, Charlie, get Charlie". How could I forget that sweet boy? Some mornings, he takes this to an extreme and seems to think that all of the stuffed animals, blankets, and Charlie's in the room need to be picked up and taken to the living room for milk and cartoons. What a mess!