Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Prenn-cess is Born

Macy Grace Prenn arrived on December 21, 2009. I walked around at 5 cm for 3 weeks, trying my best to be patient regarding her impending arrival. We went to the hospital on the morning of December 21, with mild, but very regular contractions. The doctor had warned me about staying at home since I lived so far. In triage, they found that I was not in "active labor", but that with so much dilation, the doctor was not willing to let me go home.

I was taken to a huge Labor & Delivery room for the 'augmentation' to begin. This is where they help the labor along to get things moving. I got some pitocin and an epidural (yes, that's how I roll). They even have a button now that let's you give yourself more epidural if you need it! Some of my closest family members came to visit and we had fun. I would stop and focus when the contractions came, but otherwise, we just visited and relaxed for about 3 hours. The nurse would come and check me and over this time period, I went from 5 cm to 10 cm and was ready to push!

For those of you that do not know, I pushed for 3 hours and 2 minutes with my darling first child, Charlie. I was expecting a repeat performance and trying to get geared up for this great challenge on my body. Mike sent Dad to get some food, so that he could be fueled up for the long haul. Then, the nurse came and said, "We're gonna have a baby real soon." I did not believe her. I said, "No, I push for along time." She explained that the baby had already moved her way down and was ready to come out. I told her that I really wanted to push. Let's just say, the urge was there. The nurse said I could NOT push until the doctor arrived for fear of having to deliver the baby herself!

Dr. Graves arrived. I began to push at 7:00 pm. Macy Grace Prenn was born at 7:08 pm. Wow.

They put her on my stomach and I fell in love. I soaked up every thought and emotion that I could have about my new baby. Thank you God for the blessing that she is to our family.