Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Mommy's Boy (for now at least)

Charlie (age 2) has become super "into" Mommy lately and I love it. He still has his Daddy moments, but a few instances lately were all about Mommy and worthy of writing down.

Mommy's Hair Clip
He is obsessed with the small clip that I put in my hair everyday to hold the sides up. It is like he has a radar that spots it and retrieves it. Charlie will start running circles around me saying "Mommy's Hair Clip, can't reach it, need mommy's hair clip!" It won't do until he gets a hold of that clip, pulls it from my hair, and then runs and hides it. This game entertains him for longer than I will ever understand. After hiding it, he runs over to me and teases me about my hair clip, saying, "where's your hair clip Mommy?" with his most proud and mischievous little grin.

Makeup Time
Some mornings recently I have been sitting at my bathroom makeup counter, when a little man decides to join the scene. And of course he must be in my lap. I sit him up on the counter and he immediately wants to join in the makeup fun. Before we are done, he has lotion everywhere, a little foundation and blush on his cheeks, and the chap stick has been digested. It is so cute to see him wanting to do whatever Mommy does and then of course we wash it off before we are done as we wonder what Daddy would think. Last time, Daddy came in and didn't say a word...maybe finger nail polish would be the thing to put him over the edge!

Bath Time
I am guessing the days are about to end when Charlie and I take a bath together, but for the moment, we are still enjoying this time together. A bath full of bubbles, toys, Charlie, and Mommy makes for a fun time. This weekend was especially memorable for me because after I got Charlie all clean, I asked him if he would wash my back. I imagined this being a joke, but then experienced otherwise. Charlie carefully put the liquid soap onto his little hands and then maneuvered his way around to the back of me. Then, he did little circular motions with his sweet hands all over my back for at least five minutes, which is like an eternity for my little one. He was so content on doing a good job, he even requested more soap before the job was complete. Then, he spotted Mommy's hair clip and the moment was over!

Thank you Lord for my sweet boy and these amazing memories!

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